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Lisa Rhea Presets - MOBILE VERSION

Lisa Rhea Presets - MOBILE VERSION


Timeless and warm, these presets are designed to give you consistent tones across multiple shooting scenarios. This updated pack has more variety and more warmth, all while maintaining those beautiful skin tones!


*Presets are meant to be adjusted! I shoot in Kelvin, prefer to error on the side of warmth, and expose properly, so the first adjustments I’d make is to manipulate the warmth slider and/or exposure. The hazey preset often needs adjustments to the exposure and/or saturation depending on conditions - it works best with full sun or heavy backlight. The TN preset is best for heavy greens.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Presets are DNG files designed for use in the Lightroom Mobile App.


Installation Guide for Lightroom Mobile app (iPhone / iOS 13) Please make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. • 01 / Download the .ZIP file star'ng aIer your purchase. • 02 / Once the download is complete, press the download icon in the upper right corner of your screen to open the "Files" app on your phone. Press on the downloaded .ZIP file and the content will be extracted and a new folder should automa'cally appear. If you don't have a "Files" applica'on installed, you can use a free app such as iZip. • 03 / Open the Lightroom Mobile app on your iPhone. Click the "+" icon in your library and choose to create new “Folder”. Name the new folder "Presets" and open the folder. Press "Create New Album" and name the album aIer the downloaded presets, plus “DNG" • 04 / Open the album and press the "Add" icon in order to add new images. Navigate to the folder you extracted from the downloaded .ZIP file and select all DNG files in the folder. When you have selected all, choose "Open". • 05 / Open the first DNG image and press the icon with the three dots to open the menu and select "Create Preset". • 06 / Name your preset aIer the preset pack (LRP). In "Preset Group", select "Create New Preset Group" and name it aIer the name of the preset pack. Uncheck "Tools", "Details", "Op'cs" and "Geometry". Under the “Light” tab uncheck “Exposure”, and under the “Color” tab make sure to uncheck “White Balance”. Press the 'ck to create the preset. • 07 / Follow the same method as in steps 5 and 6 to create your presets from the other DNG files. • 08 / When you are finished, you will now find the presets under the "Presets" panel.

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